legit passports

Get citizenship documents for any country!


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get passports and other citizenship documents for any country!

We help our clients get citizenship documents such Passports, ID cards, Driving license, Resident permits, Birth certificates, Naturalization certificates, SS cards, SIN, Green cards, Diplomas, Black money, cheap flight tickets and much more!


legit passports

Get citizenship documents for any country!

About us

We are professionals specialized in the production of high security paper documents, bank notes, cards, diplomas with high level security. We forge the documents, cards, bank notes, diplomas with other high level security documents with all the various security features;

-Bar codes                    -Holograms

-Iris scans

-MRZ scans

-Radio Frequency Identification chip

The passports we produce are very high quality produced based on the same format/quality as the real government issued ones with all our clients' information registered in the issuing country database system with the iris, finger prints and facial recognition information stored on the RFID chip to bypass e-gates and other electronic security checks.

We produce high quality driving license, ID cards, resident permits, green cards and other identification cards (work cards, students cards etc...)

Information we use for the IDs and DLs are registered at DMV, DVL...

Driving license & ID cards


Our team is made up of IT specialists, programers and professionals in high quality and offset priting.

We've got professionals who worked in passport production offices and other departments related to our services.

Our connections are highly placed officials at various embassies, homeland security, top universities, DMV, DVLA and other highly placed officials in the various offices related to our services. They help us with the database registration process of all the documents we produce.

Our history

We started in 2012 as a team of 6 persons but as of now we're a group of 17 professionals with each person specialized in their various domains working hard and getting latest updates in around the world inorder to ugrade our services and ensure 100% safety of our clients.

We've issued about 26,000 registered documents to our clients since 2012 till date. We've never recorded any negative review related to security or any mishaps of the documents we issued since they're well tested before any client uses for any purpose.

The documents can be used to travel, work, or live in any desired country of your choice.

We take a maximum of 14 working days to process full citizenship documents for any countries we offer.

What our clients are saying after finaly using our products



Below you can see some recent video and picture testimonies of my clients, be rest assured client information is shared only on approval of the clients hence we have limits to the information we share. More prove will be sent upon clients' request.


For any inquiries about our services kindly send us a message including a secured number or email where we can reach you for more details about our services.

All information client information is deleted once the job is done.



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